Fundraising Ideas

working together

More than money, we needed prayer!

If you are starting the adoption process, whether through foster care, domestic or international adoption, DO NOT let money be a factor keeping you from following what God may want of you. My husband and I knew the Lord had called us to adopt, and even though we had no idea where the huge amount of funding would come from, we knew we needed HIS help most during the 20-month journey to bring our daughter home. During the process, we asked our friends and family to pray that:

  • We would have wisdom and patience in each stage of the journey.
  • Our daughter would be protected & healthy as we waited to be her forever family.
  • For our daughter’s biological family.
  • Our fundraising efforts would be successful in bringing in all we needed for the adoption expenses.

Our Adoption Fundraising Efforts

In the midst of all of the praying, we also worked very hard to raise the funds needed, and not once…not even once, were we ever late on a payment needed in the process. God was so, so good!

These were our fundraising efforts: