God’s Timing…Not Ours

Our silence over the last month is certainly NOT due to inactivity!

We’ve just wrapped up another great fundraiser, thanks to a sweet friend who works with Usborne books and donated part of her commission from a book party to our adoption. Thank you to the many friends who purchased some very cool books to help out! I didn’t even realize at first that having this party would enable us to receive fusborne-books.jpgree books too. We picked out some great girly books for our daughter since we are sorely lacking in the girl department for toys and books around here!

We have also been very busy with gathering another large batch of documents for our dossier (all sent to India when we are matched with a little girl). Unbeknownst to us, India’s adoption process is going through some incredible delays right now due to being short-staffed for a long time and now training 16 new employees. So, we often remind ourselves that God’s timing is not always ours. We tell the boys that our little girl may not even have been born yet, so we have to wait for God’s perfect timing for each step in this process!

Today, we drove to Philadelphia to get our fingerprinting done at USCIS as we attempt to get our I800a documents approved through Homeland Security. We have also been actively working on getting many, MANY documents notarized and re-notarized (a frustrating, but necessary process as we realized after many of our documents were already notarized that the adoption agency requests a notary’s license to remain active for two years after the document is signed). So this week has been filled with appointmenNotaryts at banks and doctor’s offices, phone calls to friends and drop-in visits at our local police station to request new letters of recommendations. God always knows just want we need, and He knew we needed to depend on Him more for patience and trust in this process.


  • Within the next 5 weeks or less, we hope to hear from CARA, India’s adoption office, about our approval to adopt from India. Once we are approved, we are cleared to consider possible matches for our family!
  • We are also hoping to hear back soon from two different organizations about grants for which we have applied. One, which we applied for back in January, would reimburse us for some expenses already paid toward our Home Study. It would be such a tremendous blessing to receive both of these grants!
  • Please continue to pray for us as we explore more fundraising ideas. To see how much has been raised up to this point and what we have coming up, you can visit our Want to Help? section.

Thank you for your prayers and support! They mean the world to us!

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