Our Both Hands Project

On May 18, 2019, we were given the opportunity to raise funds to bring our sweet girl home while helping out a friend and local widow around her home, taking James 1:27 to heart! Little did we know that just 3 short months later, we’d be in India bringing her home!

Check out a short video of that day’s events by clicking HERE, and if you find the Lord leading you to adopt, check out Both Hands for a great way to simultaneously serve and fund raise for your adoption!

Group Pic.Both Hands

THIS.This is family.

This is just one of the wonderful stories that mirrored our heart’s desire for bringing home our daughter. Click HERE to watch the Needham’s incredible adoption journey of their little boy from India.

Beauty in God’s Sovereignty

4th of july
Watch this video of the Oren family as they trusted God for fulfilling His will for their family and the desires of their heart! When God wants something for your life, there is no stopping Him!