Two Steps Closer…

Many of you have asked where we are in this process. Most of the time our heads are just spinning with all of the paperwork and since we are new to the adoption journey, we don’t always know exactly where we are. So, we decided to show you the checklist we are working off of in the process of bringing our daughter home. Most of these acronyms and steps won’t make much sense to you if you haven’t been down this road before because they are new to us too!


We will write about each step as we go through them, and as we currently still sit very near the start of this journey even though we’re already over 7 months in, I shake my head to think of all God is going to do to bring us to that last box…Home. HOME! Oh! To speed up these days to bring that final day before us tomorrow…but we know that God is using this time to teach us so much more about Himself and the value of every life, and we just can’t rush that process!


  • We are now applying for some grants to help fund this little one’s journey home to us, so please pray as many apply and only few are chosen.
  • We are also working on the paperwork for the CARA Approval process with India which means that once we send in all of the necessary paperwork for this stage and are approved by India, we can then start receiving pictures of possible adoptees–also know as “referrals” in the adoption world. We can then see the face of the daughter that will join our family!!!! Please pray as the CARA staff is in the midst of some changes, slowing down the approval process.


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