100 Days With Our Daughter

November 23, 2019 marked 100 days.100

100 days of seeing her sweet face.
100 days of soothing her cries.
100 days of getting to know one another.
100 days of learning, growing, loving.
100 days…

The waiting, the praying and just “time” in general is always a huge focus during any adoption. It was not an easy or short process, but we soon learned our journey to each other was a God-driven process! Here are some of the timelines we faced during our road through adoption (Some of the days overlapped, but it will still give you an idea of what God did.):

  • Days it took to complete our Dossier (the huge-and I mean “HUGE”-amount of paperwork required to adopt in India): 447
  • Days waiting for India’s approval to adopt a child from their country: 90
  • Days to be matched with our daughter after gaining approval: 123
  • Days from match to picking our sweet girl up in India: 154
  • Days it took from the first day of our adoption journey to the day we met her: 593

And now…another 100+ days have passed on the other side of all of the waiting, but these days with her have seemed so much quicker than any group of 100 days before.

The wait is over! She is here! She is thriving! She is in her…


The Reality of Adoption

She is and always will be working through the trauma of adoption! Many don’t realize this is a lifelong struggle for an adoptee. Yes, she is doing well, but as she gets older, she’ll have questions about who she is, where she came from and why. Separation of any kind is traumatic, and her story is no different. It will be her story to tell one day (if that’s what she wants), and we will always welcome her questions and any desire to discover more about herself and her past.

Today is where our story begins together…

Where will we be tomorrow? Tomorrow is another day we will treasure our four children! Each of them has been given to us by God, were set aside specifically for our family, and with that comes a tremendous responsibility to teach them about the God Who loves them so much that He wants to adopt THEM!

Merry Christmas

God sent forth his Son, born of woman, born under the law, to redeem those who were under the law, so that we might receive adoption as sons (Galatians 4:4-5, ESV).

The Future of this Blog…

If you’ve visited this site up to this point, you know it was used strictly to keep everyone informed throughout our adoption process. Moving forward, I will continue to post about what God is teaching me regarding adoption but also how He is challenging me to look more like His Son, Jesus Christ, as I serve Him in the role of a pastor’s wife and mom to four.

I hope and pray you’ll continue to follow my blog and be encouraged along the path God has for YOU! If you haven’t already clicked “I Want to Read More!” then please do so, and my posts will go directly to your email inbox.

Thanks for reading!

NEXT POST: Sharing what God is teaching me through grief

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