For the Lord is Good

“For the Lord is good; His STEADFAST LOVE endures forever, & His faithfulness to all generations.”
-Psalm 100:5

Our final Home Study visit went well this past Tuesday. The boys answered honestly and completely to the social worker’s questions like, “What do you think about getting a new sister?” and “What is your favorite part about going to church?” Strangely, the questions about “What’s your favorite food or color?” were more difficult for them to answer. Now, granted, one of those boys was hanging upside down on the couch as he answered between giggles, but at least she saw our lives for what is every day!  As she was wrapping things up, she asked if we had any questions for her. I just had one:

“Did we pass?!”

She assured us everything looked great, and that she would put together her final report in the coming days.


Another part of this journey is now behind us–a journey which has stretched us and grown us more than we ever thought it would, and we aren’t even at the half-way point yet! So, I just want to take this time to pause for just a moment…to reflect on what God has done and is doing as we answer this call on our lives.

The Lord has brought some tremendous trials into our lives over the past 5 months with family, with friends…with life. I shared just yesterday on our Facebook page an incredible quote from my friend and author, Trisha Priebe, that sums up all we are facing right now:

“When we care for orphaned or vulnerable children, we agree to go to battle on behalf of those whom the Enemy thought he had safely in his grip. Nothing destroys the Devil’s strategies more than the love of Christ.”

Our family has agreed to go into this battle…and to fight hard. Some of you don’t yet understand why we would do this–adopt a little girl from India into our family–and the best answer I can give you is: because of the love of Christ. He is our best example…our ONLY example of what love really looks like, and without HIS love running through us, we would never begin to finish this journey. We are out to “destroy the Devils strategies” as he attempts to claim another life for his side, but we can only do it with God’s help as He is the One who has already conquered sin at the cross!

He has knit our hearts to India!


I don’t know what you’re facing today, but I do know that our God is real! This week was not one of our most stellar weeks as a family. In fact, I was facing this weekend physically worn down and spiritually weakened by the “attacks” of the week, but then God…God always, always, ALWAYS knows just what we need when we need it! Let me share just a little of what God is doing in our lives to encourage your own heart in whatever you are facing today…

  1. We launched our T-shirt sale this week through Facebook and this website in hopes to raise $3,000 toward our adoption. We have been simply amazed to see complete strangers sharing our story with others who know nothing about us but know and understand the desperate world of adoption. As far as we can see as of today, 32 people have shared our post on Facebook. That means that at least 32 people care about our daughter, are praying her home, are supporting us in this endeavor–and those are just the people I can visibly see on Facebook. I know many other friends and family can’t share the post, but are also praying faithfully for us in this! That fact is so incredibly humbling and encouraging to us!
  2. Besides the T-shirt sales, we have also had three checks come in this week, one from a total stranger and two from sweet friends who felt led to help us in this process through giving additional funds! These generous, gracious hearts never cease to amaze us!
  3. God has also given us some sweet conversations about adoption with parents who have gone before us on this adventure. The adoption road is bumpy and very rarely pretty, and He brought these people to us just as we were getting discouraged.

God is good. His love is steadfast. He is faithful.

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