A Child’s Heart

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March 2, 2018


Today, I showed my oldest son, Hudson, this beautiful picture of another family who recently brought home their son from India. Children often demonstrate Christ’s love in such a pure and perfect way. He displayed this today when I told him to come look at the picture, and he quickly asked, “Which one is the new son?” After I pointed out the adorable, smiling boy, he then said, “Aww! He’s so cute! That just means India is the right place to adopt from!”

I wholeheartedly agreed, but I love, love, LOVE that children don’t see color or disability as a negative. God formed us in His image (Genesis 1) and knew us before He even formed us (Psalm 139:13-16). Our God knows our daughter’s name–whether she’s even on this earth yet or not, and we can trust in HIM with her life as He holds her in His hands while we wait to meet her and bring her home! Please pray with us as we tackle the enormous amount of paperwork for our Home Study and dossier (the paperwork requirements for the USA & India). Every day we spend on the process, brings us one day closer to bringing our daughter home!

Prayer is most needed in this process, but if you’d like to help in other ways, please click on the “Want to Help?” tab at the top of this page! We have many fundraisers we will be doing between now and when we bring our daughter home. Check back often to see what has been added or click the “Yes, Keep Me Updated!” button below to be added to our email list which will update you as we update this site!

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